Does my order include tracking?

Standard and Express shipping includes tracking, whereas economy shipping does not.


Where are you from?

We're based in a small southwestern town in Ontario, Canada. 


Will you do a print of <character> or <series>?

It's possible! If there's enough demand for a particular series and/or character, that is definitely taken into consideration when planning what to create next. So if there's a character or series you'd love to see, please send an email to treecoloursart@gmail.com or use the form on Contact Us to make your voice heard!


Do you do commissions? Will you draw my character?

I occasionally open up commissions, though it's usually only a couple at a time. You can check the status of commission openings <here>. Even if it's closed, feel free to send a message to let me know you'd be interested in a commission slot when it opens up again!


Can you show what you're working on next?

For sure! To see upcoming releases and add your input to future releases, check <here>. You can also sign up for our mailing list so you'll never miss out on cool new stuff!


Will you ever make <type of merchandise>?

Possibly! There's lots of stuff I'd love to make, though being a small, independent artist makes that difficult at times. If there's something you'd like to see, please send a message or email to let me know!